Code of Conduct

The goal of Cars For Sale Marbella is to connect car buyers up with car sellers and to only list high quality motors from reputable dealers and select, sincere private individuals.

Buying a car, even a second hand car is a major expense for most and we hear horror stories all the time of buyers being duped by unreputable sellers.

In order to list their cars on our site, our dealers agree to adhere to our code of conduct which is as follows:

  • Be Professional in all dealings with the buyer.
  • Speak English with the buyer and answer any questions from the buyer in English.
  • Ensure that a false trade description is not applied to any of the cars or supply any cars which have a false description.
  • Be open and honest about a vehicle’s history and ensure that cars are of a satisfactory quality and are fit for purpose.
  • To ensure that no underhanded tactics are used to persuade buyers.
  • Not to act as a private seller in order to disguise that its a dealer.
  • Pass on information about the car’s history as provided by previous owners including any service records.